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Colleen and Eric had their first date at BRGR….excellent choice, if we do say so ourselves.  Have you HAD the house made ketchup?  And regular, sweet potato, and truffle fries….oh my!  Clearly, if you’ve never been there, you need to go.  Like now.  Ok, back to Colleen and Eric.  These two are just the sweetest.  So in love with each other, and with their doggies.  It is so important to us to make sure that the engagement sessions we shoot are actually meaningful to our couples.  We don’t want to just take them to some random places in the interest of getting cool photos.  That would serve our interests…not theirs.  And this is THEIR experience.  So, BRGR and doggies it was, along with some fun exploration of this great city they love so much.  We can’t wait until Colleen and Eric say “I do” on 10.22.  It even rhymes! Congrats guys!!!



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In 2010 we did a wedding consult with two people, who have since then, become two of our very favorite people in the world.  And now there’s a little favorite person too!  Son and Soon’s wedding was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.  Well, at least it was the beginning of funny Facebook banter, the occasional sushi double date, and regular photo sessions with the two of them [and various other family members] and then, of course,  Mr. B, when he joined the pack.  This kid.  He owns more cool t-shirts than anyone we know, and it’s possible that his parents have dipped into his college fund in order to keep him looking suave and stylish at all times.  We’re just speculating.  And his little personality?  Well, folks, it just doesn’t get any better than this.  We are so grateful that we were able to go from calling them clients to calling them friends.  Oh, and that last photo?  There is a photo just like it of Son and Soon when they were kids.  Yes.  They knew each other when they were little, and they stood right there on that same statue.  We really wish you could see it.  Wait…now you can.  Last image…circa 1985. You’re welcome. jason_domingues_photography_best_kansas_city_photographer_kc_portrait_family_photos_session_country_club_plaza_

Son and Soon [the big kids], 1985…oh yeah…


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Like so many good guys who have come before him, one day Zach proposed to Ashley.  And he decided that Loose Park was the perfect spot for the occasion. Thankfully, she said yes.  Whew!  So, fast forward a bit.  They wanted to take us back to the scene of the crime to make sure they never forgot where it all began. Of course, doggie and the stunning skyline of this great city also needed to make an appearance.  Ashley and Zach…we can’t wait for 9.17.  It’s gonna be the best day ever!


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Brittain and Josh are two super awesome people.  And they are even more awesome together.  When we first met them and started learning about their lives and their story, we knew it was one that we really wanted to tell.  Thankfully, they also wanted that, so away we went!  You can read a lot about them over on their engagement session post [and you totally should].  Right now, though, we want to focus on the day they became Mr. and Mrs.  They started out getting ready in their respective lofts, downtown. They can actually see each other’s buildings, so it was just a given that they would use Grandpa’s binoculars to do their first sight. Perfect, right?!?  Then it was off to the church where they had a beautiful ceremony in one of our favorite parts of town…Kansas City’s historic Northeast.  After a quick park reception at The Colonnade down the street, they finally headed out to Brittain’s family farm for a wonderful evening of campfires, s’mores, games, and dancing.  They even had dinner at a very special private table.  The one [like THE one] from their engagement session.  The one where they had their very first date.  The one Brittain actually bought and personalized and gifted to Josh right there at their reception.  From the classic cars to the handmade rings, the food trucks to a special letter from Grandpa Don. And especially the blessing of their new home [a sweet Airstream that will take them around the country for the next year].  This day truly was one for the books.  And of course, Walter even got in on the festivities. Congratulations you two.  We wish you many many happy years of wandering with purpose together.


Groom’s shave | Buffalo Mane

Ceremony | St. Anthony Catholic Church

Park Reception | The Colonnade

Band | Wildwood

Catering | Taco Republic, Paleterias Tropicana, Pie Hole

Wedding Film| Madison Gray Films

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  • Lawrence Kovac - I guess I will be the first comment. What a day! Brit and Josh, it cam e together despite all the stress and worries. Jen and Mike did their work. Mass could not have been better. Fr.’s sermon touched many people beyond you and Josh. The Taco’s, Cowboy Stew, Pot Pies, and Smore’s worked. Not a soul or sole that was present any part of the day had anything to say but “Magical”, “Perfect”, “What a beautiful ceramony”, “Perfect Couple”, “Many Happy Years To Follow”. Love you guys. Thank you JD for perfection in your art.